IntraOral Camera Exam

Video Exam

Sitting in the dental chair can be intimidating, especially when you have a problem and are relying on your dentist for their opinion. That complete trust is difficult for many people. Now you have the ability to see what your dentist sees through the miracle of miniaturized electronics and the intraoral camera. This miniature camera looks like a slightly oversized pen and allows us to guide you on a tour of your mouth.

You will be able to see your needed care!

You are able to look at an LED computer monitor and see for the first time what we see as dentists. An intraoral camera is an indispensable diagnostic and educational tool. The tiny video camera moves around inside your mouth and generates a tooth by tooth picture exam of your teeth. The images can be stored, and later enlarged and printed. As it is nearly impossible to see inside your own mouth, intraoral cameras provide a previously unseen view.

The intraoral camera generates images that are stored, enlarged, and analyzed. Frequently, dental problems are observed in the early stages. Occasionally, even problems that we dentists might otherwise miss with a visual examination are discovered. Once treatment options are discussed and agreed upon, intraoral cameras can be used to effectively track treatment progress.

The benefit to you is:

  • Allows you to better understand your dental needs by actually seeing what we see.
  • Allows us to see problem areas that could easily be missed with only a visual examination.
  • Allows us to monitor progress on your treatment.
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